1- Kiro


I didn't ask for this.
I didn't want any of this.
I mean, yeah, I guess having crazy abilities has its good sides, but not many. If you're one of us... you're in extreme danger. Lucky for little old you, you're probably not.
Kiro, whatever do you mean? Powers are great! You're probably thinking. Well, snowflake, you are about to find out.
It all started on a peaceful day at my peaceful school in my peaceful galaxy.
I had always been sort of the outcast. Despite being half the size of other students, they were all scared of me.
So one day, this new kid didn't get the memo to leave me alone.
I was at my locker, putting some books inside, when this bloke pushes me in from behind and slams the door shut. I can hear him walking away laughing.
Baka, I thought. I kicked the door, and it surprisingly fell right off its hinges. I stared at it lying on the floor, along with several passing students. I propped the door against the other lockers and briskly walked away like nothing happened.
I walked down the hall, trying to find the kid. He and some of his friends were standing right in the middle of the hallway, blocking the way for everyone else. His friends saw me walking straight towards them, and their faces turned pale. The new kid looked down at me, smirking.
"Look who's grumpy!" he mocked. I saw his friends slowly walking away. "What's wrong? Someone hurt your feel-goods?"
I slapped him straight across the face. Either i'm extremely strong, or he's a wimp, because he stumbled onto the ground. Based off of the current state of my locker, i'd say the first option.
He groaned and pushed himself off of the ground. "Well, sweetheart-"
"Do you really want a foot to the crotch?!" I yell. He shakes his head and walks away. I scowl, then turn away to go to class. Right as I reach the door to algebra, I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn around to a girl with red hair. I hadn't seen her before.
"What?" I ask impatiently.
Without a word, she hands me a folded-up note. "Meet up with me after school." she says, then walks away.
"Whatever," i say, but open the paper.
East Hills Park
I shoved it in my pocket.
6 HOURS (of slow death) LATER
Let's skip to the interesting part.
Oh did you want to hear about the anatomy of the human digestion system?
Didn't think so.
After school, i headed to the park early. What did the girl want? Maybe she was friends with the new guy and wanted revenge. Maybe she wanted to make verbal contact. Both possibilities sounded horrific.
I sat on a bench under a tree for a while. Finally, the redhead girl arrived.
"Oh good you're already here." she said.
"It appears i am." i grumbled.
"Okay, lets get this sorted out, because i figure you have no idea whats going on!" she said.
"Uh, you're right about that."
"First of all, hi, I'm Meiko, your student ambassador. You'll find out what that means momentarily." Meiko pulled out a rock that was painted gold. She started chanting quietly while doing weird hand movements.
I snorted. "What the heck are you doing?"
"Shush.." she said. "Lumos Cryptolia!" Suddenly a glowing force field thingy was around us, blocking the outside world.
"Luna Vestilias!" she yelled again, and i was encaged in light like when Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. I was freaking out.
When the light subsided, i looked totally different. My blonde hair was now white with streaks of pale blue and pink. It was also really long. My outfit had changed from my school uniform to a black and grey blouse, black arm and leg warmers, and white lace-up shoes. There was a strange tattoo on my left hand. It was a crescent with a vertical line running through it.
Meiko looked different too. Her red hair had bright blue at the tips. Other than that, i didn't really see what she looked like. i was mostly wondering if i was dreaming or if this was real, because we were currently standing on a cloud island in the middle of nowhere. There were several other cloud islands around one huge island, which had a magic-looking castle. I assumed it was magic, or i was dreaming. I stared at the castle in disbelief.
Meiko waved her hand in front of my face. "Hello? Earth to Kiro?" I blinked.
"Would you mind explaining?" i ask.
"Oh, yes." she looked like she remembered something. "Welcome to Eclipse High, School for the Magically Gifted."

<== ==>