2- Meiko


Eclipse High. I was there for about a week and now I was a student ambassador. I remember just how I got in...
I had been friends with two guys, Akira and Hansuke. They were brothers. I met Akira when I got lost on my way to animation club. I had accidentally walked into the boys basketball club. Akira helped me get to animation class where Hansuke was.
One day when me, Hansuke and Akira were eating lunch outside together. Then some random girl I didn't even know came up to me and for the millionth time in my life I heard...
" I ship you with (Hansuke/ Akira!)"
Then I lost it like usual. But this time it was worse. I took a rock and threw it at the girl and hit her in the forehead. And concussed her. Guess it wasn't a good idea to take the biggest rock there. Oops.
After that a teacher came out. She was holding a metal ruler which meant I was going to die any second now. So I ran. Off of school property. Hansuke and Akira obviously followed me. The angry teacher followed us with this metal ruler swearing at us in Japanese. So I took another a rock and concussed another person. New record. Woo woo woo!
I would celebrate but you know, there were probably another twenty teachers with rulers so we kept running. Soon enough guess what we saw? Another teacher!!! Wow! Three concussed people in one day! Let me try to beat that record!
After that we wandered to East Hills park. It was empty. Not so surprising cause everyone was at school. Except one girl. She had long purple hair and was listening to something on her iPad. We stood there staring for a while. She looked up from her iPad and we all quickly turned away. She put her headphones on her shoulders. "Oh so you're here. Finally." She says. "I'm Kazumi. Welcome to Eclipse High for the magical freak people that are being hunted by even freakier freaks" says Kazumi. "Say what now?" Asks Hansuke. Then Kazumi did the thing with the rock and portal. Surprisingly all three of us were telepoterd there. She explained the stuff about the high school to us. Like I was supposed to explain to Kiro.
Luckily Hansuke and Akira were there at the school.
OK time to explain.
"So we are magical I guess you can say and they made a special highschool for us and p- people like us..." I started to stammer. Crap. I didn't get enough sugar. Did I eat fifteen or fourteen chocolate bars today...? I ate fourteen didn't I. Dang it. That would explain it. I pulled a chocolate bar put of my packet and ate it. Kiro looked at me like I was crazy. You know, I am probably am.
After chocolate bar...
"Okie! So you my special little jelly bean have magical powers! Now lets see what you can do my magic little jelly bean! I can kill people with text messages like when I put salt on that one snail! RIP JoeJoeBob." I say in one breath. "There is something wrong with her." Says Kiro. "Is she on drugs?'
" Nah, that's just how she is after not getting enough sugar in the morning them suddenly eating sugar. She's really hyper." says Hansuke. "And whatever you do don't say mashed potatoes," says Akira. "AKIRA! DID YOU JUST-" started Hansuke. Welp too late now.
I attacked with full power.

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