3- Kiro


I stared at the brawl between Akira and Meiko. Meiko was probably winning. Hansuke was doing the ultimate face palm.
"I'm not dreaming, am I?" i ask. Hansuke shook his head. He seemed like the only sane one here. While Meiko was giving Akira a beatdown, i inspected him. he was probably a foot taller than me.His hair was dirty blonde, similar to Akira's. i couldn't see his eyes because his face was buried in his hands.
After i minute he took his hands down and saw me looking up at him. i quickly looked away.
"are you guys done duking it out yet?" he asked.
Meiko jumped up from Akira, without a hair out of place. Yep! Maybe we should explain a bit more to little Kiro." She patted my head. I scowled and swatted her hand away.
Akira groaned and got up. He had several bruises. Lesson learned: do not say mashed potatoes in front of Meiko.
We walked over to the edge of the cloud island.
"So are we going to jump over there?" i ask sarcastically.
"No, silly!" said Meiko. "We're using the Painbow Stick!"
"The painbow stick is a magical stick that can create bridges between the different islands." said hansuke. "Its multicolored, so i named it the rainbow stick."
"But then Meiko went and knocked me over the head with the darn thing.." said Akira.
"So it was appropriately renamed Painbow Stick." finished Meiko, grinning.
"Okay, i get it." i say, still very confused. "Um, so who has this stick?"
Meiko smiled. "Look in your pocket."
I reach into my pocket. Or rather, down my pocket. It felt huge from the inside. i dug around until i felt something. i grabbed it and pulled up a small box of metal.
"Oh, no not that." said Hansuke. "You'll find out what that is sooner or later." I drop it back in and dig around some more. i finally grab a long narrow thing that i assumed was the painbow stick.
Sure enough, when i pulled it out, i held in my hands a sleek stick about a foot long. It changed colors like magic. It probably was.
"Now what?" i ask.
"What do you do with a wand?" asks Meiko.
"Well i don't know, I've never seen a real wand before, much less held one. Unless, of course, this isn't real and I'm just dreaming. I bet if i jumped off of this cloud right now, i would be fine." i looked down.
"Kiro, i highly advise you not to do that." said Akira.
"Fine." i looked at the wand. "Abra-cadabra, hocus pocus. make bridges or whatever." i wave the wand around 'enthusiastically'. to my surprise, a bridge going to the castle island appears. its about as wide as the interstate, and is made of white marble with gold railings.
"Snazzy." i mumble.
"Snazzy, indeed!" says Meiko, jumping up on the railing. i expect her to slip and fall to her death, but she stands as if she's on a sidewalk.
Hansuke, Akira and I start walking along the path, while Meiko walks effortlessly along the gold rail.
When we reach the castle, she jumps off. i look up at the castle. its huge, i can't even see the top. There's a waterfall running off the side of the island.
"Well, we're here." said Meiko, smiling.
"I can call you Captain Obvious."
"If you call me that, i will call you Princess Sarcasm."
"Anyway," says Meiko. "Lets get started!"