On Sunday, I woke up early. I went to the bathroom and brushed my mess of hair. I sat on my bed looking at Chloe. She looked concerned, if someone could be concerned while unconscious. 

I looked at my watch. 7:48. About 10 minutes till the others got up. Well, mostly.

I knew that Luna always got up early. (I also memorized how she likes her coffee.) I slipped on my green hoodie and quietly walked out of the room

I found Luna in the mostly empty lunchroom, sitting at a table with Edith, Beverly, and Rosie. They were all huddled over something. I walked dove to where they were sitting.

“Hey guys- I mean girls.” I said. Luna yelped, almost spilling her coffee.

“Hey Alex!” said beverly. 

“We're going over our plans for the mission,'' said Luna. She motioned towards  a notebook on the table. “We have a list of supplies, our stopping points, and then the mission itself.”

“Okay,” I said. “Can I look at the checklist?”

Luna flipped a couple pages.


  • The team (duh)

  • Weapons

  • Ammo (if required)

  • Food

  • Money

  • Bomb

  • Extra clothing

  • Toiletries

  • Blankets and junk

“Okay, whats the bomb for?” I asked

“It's part of the plan,” said Luna. “Were going to sneak into the base and put in the bomb, then get out. And get the evil plans if possible.”

“Oh.” I said. “Whos putting in the bomb?”

“Rosie and I.” said luna. “Where's Chloe?”

“Oh, Chloe.” I forgot about her. “She’s still in bed.” I looked at my watch. It was 8:00. “Or she was in bed.”

Just then Chloe ran into the cafeteria.

“Hi guys,” she said, panting from the run.

“Hey.” I said.

“Why were you running?” asked Rosie.

“Good question. I don't know.” she said.

Rosie shrugged.

“Good answer as any I guess.” she said. “Now. Luna, show her the plans.”

Chloe read over the notes.

“Okay,” she said.

“So I was thinking, since this is our last day, we should go have some fun,” said Rosie. “Edith said we can have the day off to go into town, so long as we're back by curfew.”

“Cool.” I said. “Lets have breakfast, then we'll go.”

1 HR L8R

As we walked through town, it started to snow a little. Chloe was catching flakes on her sleeve, because sticking your tongue out looks weird.

Rosie stopped all of a sudden. “What should we do?” she asked.

“Uh, I dunno.” I said. “Just walking like this is fi-”

“No way!” Well, maybe later.” said Rosie. “We gotta kick it off with something fun!”

“We could ice skate. I think there's a rink open.” said Chloe. Luna nodded in approval.

“Okie-dokie. Let's do it…” Rosie looked around. ‘As soon as we find it.”

“There's a directory mao over there.” I said, pointing at Barnes and Noble.

Apparently Luna looked straight past the map in front and looked at Rosie.

“Can we please please please go to Barnes and noble?” she asked.

“Hmm… a coffee from starbucks does sound good.” considered Rosie. Luna facepalmed.

“For books, not snacks! Well, actually you're right. I do want another coffee.”

“It's settled then!” said Rosie.

“We get coffee, let Luna look at her stuff, then go skating. Good?”

“Um, that sounds good.” I said.

We walked into the store. It was very nice: a starbucks and seating area on one side, and lots of bookshelves everywhere else.

Luna pulled out some cash and slapped it into Rosies hand.

“Medium, black, lemon bread on the side.” she said. “I will be in the adults section. Jada, you stay with them,.” she ran off.

“What do you two want?” asked Rosie, tucking the cash in her pocket.

“Um, I’ll just have hot chocolate.” said Chloe.

“Same.” I said.

“Kay.” Rosie went to order, while we sat at a table. We stared at each other for an awkward second.

“So, uh…” I started. “Have you ever ice skated/”

“Yes, actually.” said Chloe. “I used to do it a couple times every winter/ have you?”

“Um… no.”

“Oh.” she said. “I can show you, if you want.”

“Okay,” I said. Just then Rosie and Jada came back. Rosie handed me the reciept.

“Were gonna look for Luna. If they call me, show them the receipt.” They left as quickly as they had come.

We stared at each other some more.

“Rosie!” I heard the cashier yell.

“I got it,” I say getting up. I got the coffee and hot chocolates, which was kind of a handful. I carried everything to the table (somehow).

Chloe and I sat there, drinking our hot chocolate. I burned my tongue.

“This is hot,” I said.

“Its called hot chocolate for a reason,” said Chloe. I smirked.

“Very funny.” A moment later Luna, Jada, and Rosie came to the table, weighed down by books. Luna looked excited.

“Were back!’ said Luna happily.

“My arms…” moaned Rosie. “I am dying!”

“This is robot abuse.” said Jada.

“Uh, your coffee is ready!” I said.

“Ooh!” said Luna,dropping her books on Rosies foot. Rosie did the silent cry face.

They sat at the table. We drank our stuff.

5 min L8R

After we finished our coffee, we went outside to the map.

“The skating rink is a block away,” said Jada.

“Were off to go ice skating!” sang Rosie. “Um… never mind. Lets go.”

<== ==>