“Don’t worry, the difficulty level is at noob.” said Edith.

    “What?” I ask.

    “We are kind of noobs…” muttered Alex.

    “Good point.”

    “Ready?” said Edith.

    I nodded.

    The bots activated and walked toward us. Really slowly.

    I chucked a knife at one of the bots. I didn’t have the best throw, though. It ricocheted off the bot and embedded itself in the ceiling. 

    I decided to try out my powers. I concentrated.

    My hands lit up. I threw an air punch at a bot and a fire ball flew at it and blew it up. Cool.

    I blew up the rest of the bots. I extinguished my hands and collapsed. I suddenly felt really tired.

    “W-what’s happening?” I mutter.

    Edith came in.

    “To the untrained body, fire can only be used in short bursts. Like a sugar rush. You feel tired after.” she explained.

    “Oh, okay. So-” I passed out.


    I woke up in my bed in the dorm. I looked at the clock. 6:30?! I had been asleep for 7 hours?! I wanted to go back to sleep.

    Just then, the door opened and Beverly peeked in.

    “Oh! Hi chloe. You're awake.”

    “Hey,” I said.

    “Dinner is starting in a minute, just so you know.”

    “Oh, okay.” I said. “Be there in a sec.”

    “Seeya!” said Beverly, then closed the door.

    I pulled out my journal. I started writing.

Nov. 24 2017


Dear Diary,

We started training today. It was kinda- no, REALLY bad. I fell in the water in parkour and passed out after using my powers. I probably looked like this: X_X

Well I have to go to dinner now. GTG.


I put the book back in my pack and walked down to the cafeteria. I sat next to Alex, who was across from Edith and Beverly.

    “Hey Chloe,” said Alex.

    “Hi,” I say.

    “Aren’t you gonna get food?” asked Beverly. “It’s taco Tuesday!”

    “I’m not really hungry-”

    “Too bad!” said Edith, pushing a tray in front of me.

    “At least try it.” said beverly. “The tacos are really good.”

    “Oh okay…” I took a small bite. Then I realized just how hungry I was. I cleaned off the whole tray before anyone else.

    “Guess you were hungry.” said Edith.

    “So, uh, edith.” I say, trying to change the subject. “Why exactly do we need to learn parkour and how to destroy robots?” Edith’s face darkened.

    “Let’s save this for after dinner.” she said.

    “Okay then…” I say.

Some time L8R… 

    “After dinner we usually do some running,” said edith. “Or obstacle courses.”

    “Cool,” I said. “But where?”

    “The forest ends right around a park. We just wear normal clothes and practice there.” said Beverly.

    “Come on,” said Edith.

    We followed her through a tunnel. We went through some more tunnels until we found an elevator. It wasn’t the best quality, though. It was shaky, and I was afraid we would fall and plummet to the center of the Earth. Or something.

    Finally we surfaced. We followed Edith to a playground surrounded by fields. The playground had monkey bars, rock walls, and those parkour steps

    (I think I’m good at parkour for now.)

    In the field, there was a track. I saw some people I recognised from the Fire Clan, Including Jason and Rosie. Looking at Jason now, he seems like a goth emo.

    Rosie came up to me.

    “Hey Chloe!” she said in her nonchalant voice.

    “Hey, Rose. What’s Jason’s deal?”

    “He hates wearing casual clothes. Not ‘edgy’ enough.” I snorted.

    “He looks like a k-pop dude mixed with a corpse.”

One hour L8R

    After an hour of logging and monkey bars, we went inside.

    “Come on, you two.” said Edith to Alex and I. “I suppose I owe you an explanation.”

<== ==>